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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Noisy Plastic Playdough Stampers Problem Solved!

Last Fall I purchased a nice set of plastic playdough letter stampers for around $30.00.  I put them in the playdough center with some free printable ABC mats that I found at
The playdough center was popular and LOUD! The kinders spent a lot of time digging through the plastic tub trying to find the exact letter they needed. I realized that I needed to organize the stampers to make them more kid friendly and less noisy. I searched for a holder that would hold all 26 stampers in an upright position. I didn't see anything that I felt would do the trick so I contacted my dear carpenter friend who can make "anything" out of wood! I told him how I wanted it to look and showed him a picture of a wooden scissor rack ($32.00 and only had 12 slots). Three days later this is what he had waiting for me! Isn't it a beaut!?!

  Cost: $5.00  The creativity of a talented carpenter: priceless!