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Friday, July 7, 2017

Two New Behavior Clip Chart/Calendar Bundles

I just posted two brand new EDITABLE Behavior Clip Charts bundled with Calendars on my TpT store! There's a fun Magical Wizard's Theme set and an adorable Woodland's Theme set. You get to be the author of what you want the headings to be on your behavior chart and then can correlate it with the matching editable monthly calendar.

 Magical Wizards Behavior Clip Chart and Calendars

Woodland Animals Behavior Clip Chart and Calendar Bundle

Each of these bundles have editable full and half page color-coded behavior clip charts that you can add your own wording to! The calendars are editable too! There is space for you to list your own words to describe your class expectations or class code. You can also use the same wording  on the calendar that will match your clip charts. 

If you are looking for other themes in the EDITABLE format be sure to check out these resources in my TpT store:

Busy Bees Editable Behavior Clip Charts and Calendars

Bright Birds Editable Behavior Clip Charts and Calendars

Basic Editable Behavior Clip Charts and Calendars with and without Smiley Faces