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Sunday, November 13, 2016

That week....

I call it the limbo week. It is the week between Thanksgiving and the first full week of December. I am planning to do a quick theme on hibernation. We've had some frosty mornings here in St. Louis but no snow yet. With the leaves almost all off the trees it is easier to see the wildlife so calling attention to what the animals do in winter will be perfect.

I love the book, "Bear Snores On" by Karma Wilson. It came with our Treasures series which also included a set of sequencing cards. I like to show it on the smart board to grab the student's attention. Being able to see the pictures and hear the story on the large white board seems to engage the students a little better than trying to focus on the book in my hand. I will revisit the book later when I want to recall specific details. 
A good Youtube version of this story can be found here: Bear Snores On

Leslie Hope has a really cute "Bear Snores On" Literacy and Math Activities Set on TpT that I use to extend this book in the classroom.

For my fluency practice at school and at home I created an emergent reader "Go To Sleep, Little Friend". It is found in my Emergent Readers for December and Winter bundle.  This emergent reader shows five animals sleeping in their natural habitat. It targets the following high frequency words: a, can, go, I, is, it, little, see, the, to. The vocabulary Words that are introduced in the reader include: bat, bear, frog, snake, squirrel, sleep, friend.


Another fun book to read is "Hibernation Station" by Michelle Meadows.  It has an adorable rhyming text that introduces children to different types of hibernating animals. I absolutely love the pictures of the animals in their pajamas!

I think a fun way to end our week of studying animals that hibernate would be to have Pajama Day! We could pull out the Finger Lights and read our books about animals that sleep in the winter with the lights off!  

You can find 40 Finger Lights on Amazon for $8.29. Let me tell you, the kids love them!

I hope this post will help you through the limbo week!