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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Magical Wizards Behavior Clip Chart

A colleague of mine mentioned that her class was called the Wizards. I thought that theme would look pretty cool in the Behavior Clip Charts especially when I found some vibrant  Watercolor Star Papers on TpT from Creative Clips! If your classroom mascot is a wizard this may be the clip chart for you!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Foreign Exchange Student Fun in St. Louis

In my previous blog I shared some insights about hosting a foreign exchange student. We were amazed to see how many cool things there are to do in St. Louis. We live about 20 minutes from downtown and every time we traveled that direction our motto became "You can't go to downtown St. Louis without stopping at Ted Drewes for frozen custard!" Our German daughter, Isabell, said she always had room for ice cream! Enjoy our pics from in and around St. Louis:

Yummy Chocolate!

Backstage Tour

The girls at the Old Courthouse.

Heading up in the Arch

Tom Sawyer Riverboat Cruise

Strike a pose!

St. Louis Ball Park Village

Isabell's First Baseball Game!

It was a great game!

View from the Arch at night - Fireworks were a bonus
as a result of the grand re-opening of the Riverfront!

The Blue Owl in Kimmswick

Billikens Basketball Game 

St. Louis Union Station

Elephant Rock

Baby chicks from my classroom

High School Prom at The Falls

One of our MANY trips to Ted Drewes!

A New Experience for Our Family

In January we volunteered to host a foreign exchange student who was displaced by a local flood. Her former host family had to move in with their relatives and there wasn't room for Isabell. We had the room and our daughter already knew Isabell from school. We found out a lot of things with this experience. 1) two teenage girls make more noise than one! 2) you never really know someone until they come to live with you! 3)we don't eat enough vegetables! 4) St. Louis has sooo many cool places we had never been to and 4) we really enjoy showing off our great country!
    Not too many things make you a prouder American then when you have the opportunity to show off our city, state and country. We flew out to Vegas after school was out because Isabell wanted to see the Grand Canyon. Here are a few wonderful things we were able to experience with our German daughter (she's the tall one) on that trip:

I would be remiss if I didn't share some of our fun times in St. Louis too! I will share some of those activities in my next blog post!

New Themes for Behavior Clip Charts

Happy Summer to all of my early childhood friends!
My creative juices are flowing now that I have a little bit of time to relax and think. Kindergarten keeps me hopping and this year we hosted a foreign exchange student from Germany. I would highly recommend doing this! We found that this experience encouraged us to get out and see our city and surrounding areas through the eyes of our German daughter. We also learned quite a bit about her country as well. Nature, Gnomes, Fairies and Forest Animals are seen a lot in their children's art. That gave me an idea that was also supported by a lot of fairy gardens and forest-themed classrooms popping up on Pinterest. I just uploaded a new behavior clip chart in my TpT store! The Woodland Animals turned out so cute! If you are looking for Woodland Animals to add to your Forest/Camping theme then be sure to check out the behavior clip chart: Click on this link to visit my store: Woodland Animals Behavior Clip Chart