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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hands-On Math Makes it More Fun for Learning About Composing Numbers

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My school district is using GoMath and talk about "raising the bar"! This past week my Koalas have been working on COMPOSING NUMBERS TO 10. When only 1/3 of the kinders "got it" the first time it is introduced in the chapter then it is time to find other ways to present and practice. My student teacher is currently teaching Math so I am able to sit back and observe the students as some of them struggle with the task of joining two groups of objects to make one set. In addition to understanding this task we are also asking them to find multiple ways to compose numbers to make the same sum. Then we throw a wrench in the gear and provide one addend and the sum. Essentially they are "subtracting to add", Aghhh!  

I created this math pack to help the students understand what composing is and all the different ways to make numbers through using a hands-on approach.
These math printables are perfect to use when introducing the concepts of simple ADDITION to 10, COUNTING & COMPOSING NUMBERS with a variety of addends. 
This pack includes worksheets to practice counting, writing numbers, and composing numbers to ten. Each page is set up the same way and includes a row of number blocks for placing the color cubes or other objects on, filling in with color, and writing addends and sums. There are additional cards that have the colors filled in and the students can place matching blocks over them to find the addends and sums or just count the color blocks to find the addends and sums. There are numbers in the corner of each card to tell how many cubes are needed to practice the composing math problem.

Bonus: Assessment pages are provided with number lines and number blocks. Two of these pages are editable!

I am offering it at an introductory 20% off for the next 48 hours!
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