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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Easy-Peasy Up-cycled Mystery Boxes

This past weekend I made four mystery boxes 
from empty Oxyclean tubs.

 I started out with clean Oxyclean tubs with the top edge taped off. I used clear contact paper because that was what I had on hand.

Spray paint the tubs with Krylon spray paint. It sticks to plastic and dries in about 12 minutes.

I made a paper template of the two sizes I needed and then I cut the fabric for the lids and the insides of the tubs. I used flannel-backed table cloth that I purchased at Walmart last year to use as seat covers and shelf curtains.
 To soften the sound of objects inside the bucket I chose to use sticky-back felt.  

I used a clean empty can to cut the circles in the top of the lids. First, I set the can directly on my flat-top stove burner (which was on HI) until it was extremely hot. I pressed it into the lid that was resting on a cutting board. I would reheat the can each time.

I hot glued the fabric to the lids and cut X's in the center of each opening.

I peeled the tape off of the tubs to reveal the white edge. I felt that was a nice contrast to the black bottom of the tubs. I used my Cricut to cut abc's and 123's for the outsides of the tubs. Now they are ready to be filled with magnetic letters and numbers or cards for centers.

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