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Friday, July 5, 2013

A Painting Kind of Day

It's amazing what a few cans of black and white spray paint can inspire one to do. First, I wanted to paint my vintage free-standing mirror holder white. Between my mother-in-law and myself it has been reflecting 45 years of kindergarteners. 

I have had blue supply tubs in my room for 13 years. They are still in good shape but they needed some freshening up. I cleaned them up with Goof Off spray then hot soapy water.  The picture shows the first coat. They will be a glossy black thanks to Krylon Fusion spray paint specifically made for plastic. 

I had a red and gray plastic drawer organizer that I wanted to change to black and gray. The red front just popped right off. Two coats of Krylon Fusion and that was completed today as well.

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