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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Five for Friday

My favorite part of Summer Vacation is the more relaxed schedule of my day. I can take my time cleaning and organizing the house. So often during the school year my family of five keeps me so busy that the house takes a back seat on the priority bus. I have found so many great ways to organize thanks to Pinterest- Now I have the time to try them out.

My fabulous find today was a braided Hibiscus tree for my front flower bed. It was 40% off and rang in at $10.00, cha-ching! Can't wait for hubbers to put it in the ground.

I invited a teacher friend over for dinner last night. In addition to having our first s'mores of the summer, I also introduced her to Pinterest and TpT.  Three claps and a woo for me! She's officially hooked! In fact, she pulled out a flash drive and started downloading some cool freebies while we were toasting the marshmallows!

Have you decided what your classroom theme is going to be for next year? I have! My classroom has been primary colors for 14 years (I know, gasp!). I honestly never really thought about changing it until I decided to start a blog. I have this thing about wanting everything to match so I asked Nancy Messenger at to design my blog based on some border I found at It is a part of their Black and White collection. She is truly creative! She is working on an avatar of me now. Can't wait to see it!

Finally, I am just starting my blog. I will post some highlights of what my Koala Kinders did this past year and include some pictures to show just how much fun we had in kindergarten. If you have any tips on how to make my blog reach other bloggers and cool looking like all of yours please send them my way!



  1. Cute blog! How fun to introduce a friend to the wonderful world of pinterest and TPT!! I would love to hear some of your organization ideas. My goal is to get my house and shape this summer too! The hamster wheel has slowed down for the moment:)
    I would love to follow your blog but I couldn't find your gadget.
    The Phonics Phenomenon

  2. I am debating 2 themes for next year. I might try to combine them actually... My first idea was a detective theme. Then I read an article about gamification and thought a video game themed class would be fun!

    My Kinder-Garden